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The Value of Vagina

I often come up with ideas to talk about when random things cross my mind. Some of it I get from ideas of others, but then I make an attempt to try and add more to it with conclusions that sound common sense (at least in my brain). This one is no different. It comes initially from thoughts of the late, great Patrice O’Neal, but also its thoughts I’ve had in my head for a long time. Its something that might come across as misogynistic too but I’m not about to start apologizing now for the thoughts I like to get across, other than I’m sorry if free thinking offends at times. Onto the subject at hand.

The Value of Vagina, what does that mean? Well to me, exactly as it seems. Gold has a value, so does Platinum, Diamonds, and other precious metals. But out of all of these precious metals, it seems, for a good majority anyway, that Vagina outweighs all of them in value. Men in power, Kings, and even regular bums have traded their riches in the pursuit of Vagina. I am no different, other than the fact that my rewards have never come to me. I just give with no returns. No big deal, it is what it is as they say. But coming to the thoughts of things I’ve given up, or even the thoughts of friends and what they give up for the illustrious feeling makes me wonder if the value is really overpriced. I can’t say that I know, because once again, I’ve never enjoyed the riches, but I am curious to know from others if it has been worth it at all. Let me clarify this part right now before I get anyone stating the love thing. That is something completely different. For most men, and women in certain cases, the feeling of getting that type of physical feeling from women is more important initially, love comes after, if at all.

If you think I’m talking out my ass, please feel free to look on instagram, Facebook, twitter, or any other number of websites where women get celebrity simply because they are just that. A sexual object. Take a look at any man that builds himself up into any type of position of power. Celebrity, CEO, Manager, or just hard working bum getting along in life. We bust our ass to get where we are, but it can be completely annoying that a woman with nothing on the table except her looks can be on the same level. Take a look at any of the scandals where politicians have destroyed careers due to unknown women, they give up everything for basically nothing, and even if it doesn’t last long, the woman now is a celebrity for us to fawn over. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, these two are socialites, but became uber famous for sex tapes. Pam Anderson, and now how Miley Cyrus is acting. I’m not stating this as some kind of better than you religious thing, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of it.

Here’s where more thought came into it as well. I hear about how women clamor over equal pay, or equal feeling on the corporate level. I agree with you ladies, everyone should be paid equally for equal work, please don’t get what I’m about to say twisted. I will state though that maybe there are men, and even the few women who are in high positions that understand that sometimes women can use sexual prowess, looks and such to move up whereas men have to put in a little more at times. I’m not saying every time, just sometimes. Maybe that is where the problem lies. I’ll also say that I’m not sure how it gets fixed either. We all seem to understand the position, and are fine with it. Honestly this is just another long-winded rant from a man who may or may not be bitter, but is very philosophical at the in’s and out’s of society.

I say flaunt it ladies, don’t try to hide the sexual creatures you are, because you are out there to be desired, pursued, and loved by men, as well as women. Let’s just not pretend that most men respect you initially for anything more than those looks. It takes time to grow more, and unfortunately, this world judges the hell out of book covers than what is inside those books.

To my critics who read this and say I’m an asshole or women hating man: You are probably right. Asshole for sure. I can’t say I hate women, I just get annoyed at times of the society or culture I have to live in. I’m also ranting out of boredom at the moment too. Maybe its time to finally do that review for 47 Ronin I saw instead. Until then though, read, hate, enjoy, or dream of burning me at the stake over this. I still love you ladies, even though you drive me crazy at times.


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