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Because words matter! #BANBOSSY

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me..

I’m sure as a kid you have heard that old saying, I know I remember hearing it whenever I felt bad about being called a name. Basically if you don’t get the saying, it means that you can be beat up physically, but you should never let the insults of another person to drag you down and get a victory on you in any scenario. That is what I learned, it allowed me to become more creative, find better ways to channel insults to those that shot them at me, and also to empower myself.

But those days seems like eons ago.

I know I’ve done little blogs on here ranting and raving about speech. I know I’ve done them on my show (humble plug: I try my best to keep cool on these matters, because honestly it might get the best of me. Then I see this:

Ban Bossy? Bossy has to be the tickle fight word of insult words. I’m not an idiot, I can understand on some levels why racist words against black people need to be avoided at least because it shows ignorance. I also know you look like an asshole for saying them to degrade someone. But ban words? I thought we were different here. Now it seems we are moving to ban the even smaller, more insignificant words in language because someone might be hurt. I don’t want to say this because I know there are people out there who would love this to happen, but when do we stop? Are we going to get to the point where we find a way to ban thoughts? Where we all end up as little robots that all think the same, act the same, interact the same? I like to believe that the best part of being human is that deep down, we are all snowflakes. No two are alike (including twins).

What do I mean by that? We all may have the same genetic material, same things that make us humans, but on the mental level we are all different. We all go through life in seperate ways. We all deal with situations differently, and ultimately that is what makes us great. How many times have you worked on something and were stuck, and asked the opinion of a friend or colleague for input, and they give you a take you never thought of? If you say never, then you are either a loner in a cave, or a liar. It’s because we all think differently, different ideas that allow us to create great things. It is also our life experiences that help us to overcome adversity, or doom us to wallow in the swamps forever without exploiting our full potential.

Do you think the great leaders of this world allowed small words to stop them from being leaders? A true leader wouldn’t allow a word like “bossy” to keep them down in the hunt of being the best at whatever they were trying to do. That goes for any Man or Woman walking this earth. If you can’t handle criticism, even on the small level like that, then you need to either give it up and become one of the pack, or lace your boot straps up and prove the critics wrong.

We need to be stronger, and teach the youth of this world to not allow small words or any words for that matter to get them down. We don’t do it by banning words. We need to show them how to overcome the struggles so they can be tough, strong, future leaders. If we can’t, then we will have a world filled with cowardly, sensitive, grown up babies. The only problem is, there still will be people who taught their children right, and those will be the ones controlling the easily controlled.

So I say again, are you going to allow sticks, stones and words to break your bones? Or are you going to tap into something bigger than silliness?


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