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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

I’ve never been a fan of Marvel Comics for the most part. Hell for the most part I’m not a huge fan of any comics except for the following: 1. Batman (way on the top of this list) 2. Superman 3. The X-Men 4. Maybe The Incredible Hulk. That’s it. By X-Men I don’t mean Wolverine, I didn’t want to go see his single movies, I mean the entire collective of the X-Men.  Having said that, I really wasn’t sure I wanted to go see this movie. Spider-Man has never been a favorite of mine, and I only saw the last one because of the recommendation of my brother. It was good, not great.

This one is different. This movie is one of the few times I actually read spoilers online and was upset for doing so. It also is what compelled me to go see it. Even with that, knowing everything coming, it was done well enough that I was completely in the story to the end. It also lit some fires in my heart that I thought burned out a long time ago regarding love lost, love won, and doing everything you could to protect the one person you couldn’t live without. Damn you Columbia, Sony, and Marvel for doing this to me.

I won’t spoil this movie for you, the only thing I will say that is any hint of a spoiler is that if you know the characters in the story, you know how this is going to end. Comic book fans know what Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, etc mean in the Marvel Universe. (This being said, if you now go look up any of those characters online and feel like you now know the plot don’t blame me)

Not much I can say because of that, except this: Go see this movie. Good action, good drama, overall good superhero movie. It sets itself up for a sequel pretty well too. One that I actually might want to go see now. I saw it in regular (not 3D) and the visuals were still fantastic. Marvel is doing a good job with these films for the most part, and this one is another decent one for records.

Nothing else to say, just go see it. You will be AMAZED!! (insert crickets)



1 Comment on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

  1. The action makes it more fun and exciting, whereas the story is a bit too much. Too much subplots; too much villains; too much characters; just too much of everything. Good review Sean.


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