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Social Networking is ruining everything

The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”
―  Nietzsche


Once again its been awhile since I’ve been on here to talk about anything. I mostly allow my radio show that I do with my talented partner AndroidVirus to get out things in my system. I also know that we don’t usually have time to get everything out. With that and the feeling that I should update some things on here because I haven’t seen any movies as of late, I now decide to write this.

Facebook, Twitter, (previously Myspace), Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest..the list goes on and on. We are in an era where we are more connected to each other than ever before. There also seems to be strange affects that are growing as well. Anger. I’ve notice a lot more aggression, anger, and hate form up as of lately. People just trolling on others for no reason. I’ve done it myself, for no other reason than to just be dickish (is that the right word?) at times. I’ve seen fake accounts made used specifically to hurl hate at people the hurler doesn’t even know. It’s astounding. Before I go any further than that, I’m not one to act above all this, or even say why can’t we all just get along with one another, because I don’t believe we all truly can be one. People don’t act that way. we always find some way to find a flaw with another person to either feel better about ourselves, or to justify something we are doing to that person. So I’m not gonna get on a high horse and tell people to stop. I’m just taking a step back and looking at the hurricane and commenting on wow, look at the disaster before me.

The other thing I’ve noticed, that kind of ties into the previous part. Rats. We’ve all turned into a bunch of rats. Not the kind that keep killers off the streets either. We are thought policing, we are constantly pointing out to others what someone else is doing, and why they should be punished. For what reasons? I’ve been on here before talking about the freedom of expression, and how we are losing it. It seems to be getting much worse. No one can say something, disagree with a point, or attempt to come up with an opposite opinion without being labeled something extreme. Hippie, Liberal, Right-Wing, Racist, Bigot, Bible Thumping Fascist, Communist, Drug Addict, Nazi, Anti-Christ. Used in whatever way to just stop an argument instead of communicating. Deplorable doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m tired of it, tired of it all.

Another thing I’ve been noticing is the falseness on display. We are so concerned to get a share, or a like or a favorite, we seem to be generating moments. Case in point: I was at a restaurant not too long ago with my sister, my brother in law and the rest of family and friends invited for a baby shower. I’m a bit of a people watcher, and I was noticing what was going on at other tables. There was one group of people celebrating a birthday. A cake was brought out with candles, but before any of the celebration could be had, everyone had to pose around it for their Facebook or Instagram photo before “Happy Birthday” could be sung. Is that what we’ve become? I say that knowing the answer. Yes. I say this right now knowing this blog is tied to my Facebook and Twitter. Well It was anyway. I’ve decided to take those off. This blog isn’t about changing minds or spreading a message. It’s about me venting, whether someone reads it or not.

I think we know too much about each other as well. We know likes, dislikes, and almost every other little aspect about others and I think that might be too much as well. I used to like to unlock the mystery of my friends, it always seemed like I got on another level of bonding when they would tell me something, or I tell them something that was private. Like we were friends on a deeper level. How is anything meaningful when it seems like everything is on display at all times?

I’ve decided to stay off Facebook and Twitter for awhile. I’m done, I’m cooked. I won’t delete the profiles there, they serve a purpose, but I’m done looking and responding. What of the radio show I do? I’m still at it. I love it and  I love talking all kinds of nonsense on it. I have to manage my show’s facebook and twitter, but I can do that WITHOUT being on any timeline. Just use apps that allow me to post on the show page only. I don’t know when I’ll return or even if I’ll return. I just know that I’ve had it. As I write this I’ve been off Facebook and Twitter for over a week now. It actually feels good. I don’t feel like I need my phone at my side now either, which would have been crazy two weeks ago.

Something else also came because of my self banishment. I’m reading again. I couldn’t be bothered to read before, or really take in anything outdoors. I’m enjoying it now. Something changed, and I’m enjoying it. What is all this social networking ban doing as well? It’s making me miss my friends, actual missing and finding out through calls or even texts what is going on. I don’t know, I don’t want to make this sound all dumb and gooshy but yeah, its nice to catch up when you don’t know what is going on constantly.

Again, I don’t know when I’ll do another one of these, but I’m just glad to get it all out. I love expressing opinion, and feeling, even when it’s to no one.





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