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Disposable Heroes sample first 3 pages short story by Flesheater

This was their destiny. Their whole lives built on this moment. But as fate would have
it destiny took a turn for the worst. What seemed like days had only been a few hours since
they fell through the top of a Subway tunnel. Two heroes lay injured. Darkness surrounded
them as two of the world’s bravest heroes lay beneath a pile of rubble inside the tunnel,
struggling to survive, admitting defeat. They were nearly destroyed by a Killer-Seeker, a giant
war machine, containing a fifty foot chassis, built to destroy.
Elektrodeshok heard the sound of Rainfire’s heavy breathing, indicating that she was
struggling to gasp in every ounce of breath.
“Rainfire?” Elektrodeshok said, coughing from the debris. “Rainfire… speak to me.” But
she didn’t respond and just kept breathing at a rapid pace.
Elektrodeshok attempted to push himself from the ground but the side of his stomach
had the feeling of a crushing blow in the center of his rib cage. He slowly staggered from the
ground, attempting to help Rainfire.
Elektrodeshok kneeled, gritting his teeth, trying to block out the pain, patting Rainfire on
the face. She slowly opened her eyes.
“You’re awake,” Elektrodeshok said, sighing with relief. “Can you use your ability to
shine some light in here?”
“I’ll try,” she said with a faint tone.
Rainfire raised her hand into the air which ignited into a flaming ball of fire. They could
see through the darkness surrounding them thanks to Rainfire’s ability to produce fire with just
the flick of her fingers.
But that didn’t help the fact that they could hear the sounds of the fifty foot Kill-Seekers
battling the remaining civil servants. They were doing the job that these heroes were bred for,
attempting to defeat the Kill-Seekers.

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