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Fruit punch Oreo’s


So apparently I had no idea how to eat an Oreo correctly. I was informed that you need to unscrew the cookie and separate the two pieces and lick the middle first. Next I need to eat the two halves. Well I plan to eat the whole cookie and get all the flavors equally.  Opening the box was a like opening your first red bull. the sweet smell invades your senses and reminds me of that first kick in the morning. The  smell was sweet enough to make my mouth water a bit. The first impression is “not bad”. I reminds me of those cheaper Oreo knock offs. I Thought the “fruit Punch” flavor would be too strong, fortunately i was incorrect. As i stated early, it did taste like those Oreo knock offs you can get at any local grocery store. There is a sweet fruit punch “kool-aid” flavor as you eat. The flavor will stay with you but not to in a bad way. After eating one i felt that fruit punch flavor that stayed with me made me wait to have another. The cookies are better as a whole. The filling is like kool-aid mixed with Crisco. A little oily and too sweet.  I found these cookies at Wal-mart Neighborhood market for $3.00. Give them a try if you are so inclined. They are limited edition and worth a try. Three out of five.

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