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Bonefish Grill


If anyone knows me, they know that I will always advocate for local rather than corporate. I wanted to try this new restaurant in New Mexico. I believe that because of the success and money involved in this type of restaurant that it should always be consistent and “up to par”. Bonefish Grill was pretty busy but not so much that we were sat right away. I order an appetizer a main dish and a dessert. The start of the meal was offered to us while we waited for the appetizer. It was an Italian bread with garlic, pesto and olive oil. The bread had a warm fluffy center and the outer crust was very crisp and tasty. Cold Snap Fresh Ceviche was the appetizer. I am use to a tomato base ceviche this was a unique twist on the recipe. No tomato but is had lime juice base and had scallops, fresh fish and shrimp. I am a huge fan of cilantro but they did add more than necessary. The ceviche also had cucumbers which gave it a cool crisp snap. Very good.


The main entree was Sirloin and Crab Cake Dinner. This a pretty average choice but what made this good was you could choose a sauce for the steak. I chose the Creamy mushroom and bacon sauce. The old saying that “bacon makes everything better” fits perfectly here. The sauce had a very creamy and earthy taste which complimented the bacon and steak. The steak was very tasty after adding this sauce. Think of the best tasting burger with a creamy rich subtle cheese sauce with a hint of hickory bacon. The sauce made this steak very tasty and would leave a very satisfying taste after. The crab cakes were good nothing to exciting about it. it really didn’t hold together would fall apart and it came with a dipping sauce. I couldn’t really dip the cake. The dipping sauce was thousand island dressing. Well, maybe not the dressing exactly but it did taste just like it. surprisingly it did go well with the cake. good flavor.


Finally the dessert was Jen’s Jamaican Coconut Pie. This was the best dessert I have tasted in a long time. The pie had a custard based center surround by coconut shavings. It also was drizzled with a rum sauce that was so goo with the coconut flavor. I must admit i am a fan of coconut shavings. Biting the shavings in the back of my teeth releasing the small amount of flavor and sugar. MMMMM. The pie perfectly accentuated the entire meal. I would return just for that dessert. overall I would have given this place a three out of five. The dessert and the service will make me rate it at a four out of five.


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