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Rapid Ramen Cooker


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This will be a little change up to reviewing food. Today it is all about an item I saw on show a while back. Due to my aging mental acuity I can’t remember where i saw it. The inventor Christopher Johnson realized that the water in a bowl would not cook the noodles properly. He created a product that I recently found at wally world. Granted I am not a fan of this retailer but I had to get this product. The Rapid Ramen cooker works great. I have used many times at work and at home. The cooker is designed to cook Ramen noodles to perfection in three minutes with a one minute steep time. The product is a square bowl that has a fill line in it. You simply place the noodles in the bowl, fill with water to the line, and microwave. Also, the flavor packet is designed for two cups of water. The rapid Ramen cooker uses 1 cup which means that you can use half the packet. I did use the whole packet once and it was way too salty. I timed some of the other methods of cooking Ramen. I used the method recommended on the Ramen package. It took six minutes to boil the water and three minutes to cook the the noodles. the second method was to use my electric tea kettle. It was very close to the cooker. The boil time was reduced to 3 minutes and the steep time took a 2 minutes. I recommend this product if you like Ramen and if you don’t have an electric tea maker at home or work. The container is extremely easy to wash as well. This item is for sale online. The price online is 16.99 for three bowls. I got my cooker at wally world for $5.00 a bowl. A better deal in my opinion. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend it.

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