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Shorty’s BBQ

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The yearly McCall’s pumpkin patch is headed to Moriarty in September. I wanted to give a review about a small family owned restaurant. Shorty’s BBQ. I will be honest I have not had the barbeque sauce of meat at this local restaurant. I have had the advertised “Broasted Chicken”. This is some of the best “fried” chicken I have ever had. I have eaten at all the local restaurants in Albuquerque. Church’s, Kentucky fried chicken, Popeye’s, Nexus, and Golden Pride. I may have missed one or two restaurants. Shorty’s chicken is a great taste of crispy, fresh juicy chicken. I visited this place the first time I took my family to the pumpkin patch in Moriarty. We had a long day of family time and it was cold and windy day. Having a picnic or fried chicken with my mom as a child is a great memory. So what better place to take my cold tired family to than a BBQ family owed restaurant. I’m glad I did. We order the Broasted fried chicken. Every time I order a the chicken the manager/cook is always willing to make the chicken fresh. What a plus! The chicken has a very simple and fresh taste to it. I am hoping not to give any cooking secrets away. What I got from the taste was very simple. I believe they roasted the chicken and then fried it to crisp the skin. That’s it! Season to taste. The flavor is so refreshing. The competition will over season the chicken or add a breading the can be a bit to greasy or dry it out from over cooking. This taste has become part of a great memory. The sides are pretty average but just as good as the competitors. One other surprise is the rolls. The rolls are also homemade and delicious. They seem at first a bit dry but as you bite into it. The fluffy warm center that comes with it being homemade makes it a great addition to the meal. I always get the 10 piece with two sides and 6 rolls, $20.00. This is a great small town restaurant I hope that you and yours can make this place a part of a family memory. It is a short drive from McCall’s pumpkin patch. I will always return to Shorty’s and I hope you give them a chance too. Chicken dinner only 5 or 5

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