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The Best of Gen Padova GIVEAWAY!

We are also announcing the winner of the Gen Padova DVD Giveaway!



Our friend Gen Padova (NSFW and The AndroidVirus & Sean Show are having a GIVEAWAY!
What exactly is the prize? Well none other than a DVD of The Best of Gen Padova!
How do I get this wonderful gift? Well that’s the easy part! All you have to do is respond below by hitting the comments section, with the most embarrassing caught with porn story. It could be a story involving you being caught red handed (pun intended!) with porn, or catching someone else watching illicit material! We have 3 SIGNED DVDS tos give away, so the winners will be announced on The AndroidVirus and Sean show 9/26! DON’T Leave contact info (unless you wish to) until we announce the winner. We will ask you to send us an email at that point! Good luck you sickos!

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Make sure to check out our friend the lovely Gen Padova at her site (NSFW dudes) and get some of her goods from her store!


17 Comments on The Best of Gen Padova GIVEAWAY!

  1. I was in college and thought I had the door locked to my dorm room while I rubbed one out. The guy across the hall walks in w/ his cousin for me to meet. Needless to say, he didn’t want to shake my hand.


  2. My pops caught my brother and I looking at some mags when we were little. When my mom got home my dad says, “Do you know what the boys were doing when I got home? They were cleaning their room!” My brother and I almost shit our pants for fear that we would be exposed as pervs to our mother.


  3. Not sure if contributors are eligible. Just in case: after I first moved out of my parents house sometime in the mid-90’s, my dad moved into my bedroom. There was a deflated blow-up doll in thee closet, next to a box of well used porn mags. Anyway, nothing was ever said about this. I figured perhaps this deflated plastic monstrosity of patheticism had merely been tossed. So a couple years ago I’m going through some old boxes of mine that had been hidden away in there since I moved. To my astonished horror, I open this one box to find not only all my old porn rags, but the “rag of plastic,” once an inflatable love toy with a frozen face of sheer and absolute, unabashed horror, and shame, just as I did at that moment.

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  4. My mom caught me with a mag rolled up in my sleeping bag coming back from a Boy Scout sleep out. She saw the outline and grabbed it. My father took it and stashed it in his sock drawer instead of chucking it. I stole it back…what was he gonna say?

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  5. Does it count if I catch my parents? Cause I have. A few times. Dirty bastards!


  6. I’m kinda youngin’ so there isn’t a lot of history on this topic. Yet. But I kinda got in trouble when my dad went to my computer because his wasn’t working and he found all the porn that I had yet to delete from my history. Was kind of embarassing to walk into my own room and see my dad at my desk looking at my bookmarked pages


  7. Never been caught. Sadly, that just means I am too fast from start to finish not giving anyone enough time to walk in on me. I’m sad now.


  8. I was whacking it once and when I was about to bust my sister came in and I almost blew my eyeball out of It’s socket trying to hold it back. It was a failure. It’s never been mentioned again until now because I want that signed DVD.

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  9. Shane is 16. That answers that.


  10. Well here’s my story
    I was a young feller way back in the early 1970’s.
    I was over at my Grandparents house for the weekend.
    My Grandma all ways was a great cook. They were both in there mid
    to late 70’s. It was getting about supper time, so I came in the house
    to see what was for supper. I couldn’t find my grandparents no where.
    So I went hunting for them. The first place I looked I found
    them. They was in the bedroom and they were watching one of those porn movies that had the projector and projector screen, all black and white movie. Grandpa had Grandma bent over the bed giving it to her doggie style. It embarrassed the hell out of them and shocked the shit out of me. Seeing Grandma ( in her 70’s ) bent over the bed. Her titties looked like tube socks with oranges in them, and her pussy looked like a over ripened cantelope that had split open in the middle. Needless to say that was a very ackward supper we had. And to beat it all Grandma had fixed Pork Butt Roast for supper. That sight had stayed with me for along time. Cause I remember the first couple of dates I had after that. I was all ways reaching at the girls waist to feel of her titties. Cause I thought all titties was like a 70 something year old woman’s. Tittie’s like tube socks with oranges in them that hung to there waist, (hence me reaching at the girls waist for a feel). It took me several dates before I realized that pussy didn’t look like over ripened cantelope that had split open in the middle and titties didn’t look like tube socks with oranges in them that hung to the waist.

    Hermie Love You Gen

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  11. Jeremy Chavez // September 26, 2014 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    Well this one time I was at a friends house. Him and his chick had gone out for a little bit so I decided to go online and check FB and shit. While I was on there I started thinking shit. Lots of people keep their nudes on the PC. So I started digging through files and it wasn’t even hard I found some. My friends chick was smoking hot. And I found some videos of her giving head and getting fucked. Well I started jerking off, and next thing you know, they both walked in. And what was even more fucked, I was in their bedroom and I was using either one of her shirts or his. I’m pretty sure I was drunk to. Yeah I never went over again haha


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