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Cinema Beef #52 : Slaters Do Australia

We’re back after an unwanted one month hiatus. Have no fear. We are going to bring out more shows regularly. Am am joined by my future co-host on an untitled project, Erik Bergstrom of 100 Years of Horror and Giallo Ciao Ciao! We are covering two films featuring two members of the Slater clan! First up, Christian Slater oggles his sisters boobies and other rebellious teen shenanigans in The Legend of Billie Jean from 1985! Then, we take to the airwaves with Happy Hard Harry when we make teens make bad decisions in Pump Up The Volume from 1990! In the middle, you will hear a review/discussion from Katie Rots of Rotten Rantings. We talk about super Mick Taylor and his ability to communicate with all his surroundings in Wolf Creek 2! It’s a packed show and there is more to come nest time when I am joined by “Wildman” Willis Wheeler! Stay tuned and keep on beefing!

Listen Here: Cinema Beef #52

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Facebook : Gary Hill

Twitter : @GDubby

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Facebook : Erik Brgstrm

Twitter : @ThePhantomErik



Facebook : Katie Rots

Twitter : @KatieROTS

Music Credits

“Shake It Out” Performed by Florence The Machine from the album “Ceremonies”

“Stand” Performed by Sly and the Family Stone from the album “Stand!” 


100 Years of Horror

Giallo Ciao Caio

Wrestling With Friends 

Rotten Rantings 

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