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Paying it Forward by Gregmo Roberts

It’s time for me to pay it forward.  I have a good life.  Some might say, a very good life.  Good job, good wife.  We travel, we explore.  We have no kids and can selfishly revel on the material goods that would likely be diapers or school books had we decided to breed.  Life is good.

For most others, it isn’t this easy.  We look at our circle of friends and family and there is not one person or couple to which we would wish to switch shoes.  Not even for a day.  ‘Envy’ is not a word in our vocabulary.  Financial troubles, marital issues, the health of the children….there are many reasons to which my Converse feel VERY comfortable.

Our house is a petri dish example of our good fortune.  Large screen TV’s surround the house and everything from a Vegas slot machine to a large cotton candy maker are on display within our four walls.  Yes, we have it good and we know it.  We don’t boast about it, but we would lie if we said we are not truly aware of our current status.

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of attending various golf tournaments that have only added to our riches.  Golf tournaments are a funny thing.  It’s a rich man’s sport and the rich seem to like giving themselves more riches.  So in my golf tournaments this year alone, I have amassed a treasure of random prize lots that have included a PlayStation 4, a Tassimo machine, various Android Tablets and other various gifts.  And this all comes courtesy of being a below average golfer (Imagine the sweepstakes if I could swing a club worth a damn!).

It’s time to pay it forward.

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor.  It has been my privilege this week to – in my own way – provide others with things that would make the recipient much happier than the closet to which they were likely destined.  So I set out to the local Post Office to which I arranged for various items to be sent to miscellaneous recipients in hopes of elating their day.

This is not to suggest that I will win hearts or provide to anyone an item that will be received with the same excitement to which it was packaged.  But it might.  And the risk, for lack of a better word, is worth the potential for jubilation.    

I struggled at first in determining the purpose of my pay it forward.  I had to take just a second to realize and remember that this act is not self-serving.  It’s not about me getting a ‘Thank You’ back.  It’s not about me receiving an emotional boost if the gifts are recognized as worthy of such.  No.  It’s about coming to grips with the fact that others might benefit more from an item or an act than the same item would give myself.

With these words now in my rear-view mirror and five packages off to various individuals (all of which I have never met but do know through various communication sites) there is a small sense of accomplishment.  I hope their mail brings them something of use.  And more importantly, I hope they can find a way to, in turn, pay it forward.



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