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The State Fair

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This was post was a bit over due, sorry for the lateness. I have been going to the state fair since I was a kid. It was extremely affordable back then. My school would offer a pass and sometimes a half day to attend. Needless to say i have great memories of the fair. Some of my favorites were the freak show attractions and Tiny Tina the worlds smallest horse. Unfortunately those attraction are no longer a part of the fair. So I now go for the unique food fair. I decided to do a review mostly for nostalgia sake. My first stop is and will always be the Indian village. Navajo taco from the Navajo cafe is a favorite. The cafe has won first place for there taco many times. The fry bread is always perfectly fluffy and crispy in the middle. May not be as good as mom’s bread but pretty close. The taco comes with pinto beans, red chile, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The chile is good but not quite as hot as a i would like. the combination of the ingredients are rich and tasty. this is why i always go here first. I also come here to get the Mutton and fry bread combo. This menu item is a small taste of home. The stew is very simple made of potatoes and mutton. Mutton is an acquired taste but if the meat is fresh it is lovely earthy flavor. The stew is a great taste to start however if you don’t it right away the potatoes will turn to a starchy mush. The stew is boiled all day and this is what causes this. I do understand that this is what some places will do to keep the food hot and because it is an acquired taste it sits all day, Fresh mutton is absolutely delicious and with some additional ingredients makes a great meal.

 Our next stop was to try some of the unique food items the fair had to offer. My wife had showed me a list on the expo New Mexico website. On the list and part of this review was deep fried green chile cheeseburger, Deep fried green chile cheese curd, Deep fried carne adovada calzone, Alligator bites, and Red chile chocolate limeade. Sounds pretty exciting unique. The cheeseburger was first on the stop. It had a great flavor of sweet and spicy. The green chile was fresh and the tasted extremely fresh. the burger was dipped in a batter and deep fried then dusted with powered sugar. Much better than i was expecting. The downside was the grease and batter was extremely heavy. I had to walk off that feeling of a rock in my gut. luckily it is easy to do at the fair. The best part of the unique fare was the green chile cheese curd. You get four pieces and a side of ranch. Extremely tasty and spicy. The cheese had a sharp flavor and the spicy chile add a great taste like pepper jack cheese. The simplicity is what makes the curds a must buy. We made a stop to watch some karaoke and next to the tent was Rex’s burgers but i wasn’t getting what they are famous for.  I was excited to try the Red chile calzone. The calzone was sort of a disappointment. The combined ingredients of carne potatoes and chile was not that great. the frying of the ingredients made it taste like a pizza calzone. Kind of a strange mix and not sure if my brain was making taste the pizza or if it actually tasted like pizza. The alligator bites were a favorite of my daughter. The bites were good but the fries were a soggy disappointment. The bites were good but i can describe them in the age old saying “taste like chicken”. Nothing too spectacular but filling. It came with a dipping sauce but it was thousand island dressing. At least that’s the taste that came through. Finally the best out of all the fair fare i tried. The red chile chocolate limeade was not only unique but very refreshing. The level of flavors all came through. The limeade hit you like a ton of bricks followed by a slight chocolate and the spicy reminder of red chile. The chile wasn’t overly spicy just perfect. we got a small but could have easily had the large. It was like a mixed drink at the fair and very refreshing. All in all a great experience to have food wise. Maybe you tried some of these or maybe it was too wild of a path to take. My family had a fun time with my escapades as my pics show. Thanks for reading and sorry about the late blog. 

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  1. I’m guessing your not in the UK, over here when we go to the fair we have candy floss and you have alligator bites! Love the insight.

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