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The Lords of Mercy Album Review by Vincent Daemon


Label: Main Man records

Release Date: December



Danny Anniello – Guitar

Pete Perrina – Drums

Joe Stabile – Bass

Brandon Sweeny – Vocals


10/15 – Patchogue, NY @ The Emporium

10/16 – Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon

10/17 – Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar

Look, I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings. This is music that is sort of say, Tailor made, to a certain kind of audience. That audience is bloated cougar-type women; old horseshoe male-pattern baldness and terry cloth, head-band wearing, beer bellied and middle aged, fist-pumpin’ like there’s no tomorrow, teenage-middle agers; and they’re from New Jersey.

This is Beer-Rock, Party-rock. And I was saddened, as the press released promised an album of true thrash in the vein of classic Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, and . . . Anvil? With whom they also happen to be touring with this October, in case you are interested. I’d rather watch my Best of Gen Padova (signed!) DVD I just won (for being a pervert . . . surprise.)! Really, just watch the box and be perfectly fine with it. In silence.

Anyway, off topic already, see what I mean? And I’m even giving the fifth listen, because it’s not all bad. It’s just mediocre to me — a fate worse than bad, as it’s just plain, kind of staid. ADMITTEDLY, in their defense, this is not my particularly favorite genre of metal/hard rock. Nor is it the “classic thrash” that I grew up with and was promised by the PR people.

It’s merely standard North Jersey party rock. I can see myself, 15 years ago (when I used to actually still care and do things), walking into some Hoboken back-alley, vomiting my guts up from cheap whiskey and expensive pills with this blaring viciously, hatefully, in the background, but being too afraid to really kick my ass for being dumb enough to go to Hoboken, expecting a “punk” show (1band outta six) (and for being dumb enough to just go to Hoboken in the first place — you shoulda stayed home and stoned alone in Philly asshole! Watched your dvd. Again).

One more thing, they make a terrible mistake halfway through the cd, and that is putting a ballad, a slow-tempo rocker, and yet another ballad back-to-back-to back, dead in the middle of the cd. It all just fell apart from there. As it is still not my thing. It is Jersey-style (if you lived here you’d get it, and I do, most likely on top of a festering and failed superfund site) heavy-hard rock, and middle of the road.

Sorry guys, not my thing. Sincerely, good luck on the tour with Anvil. Carl from Aqua-Team would love this.


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