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‘Batman V Superman’ Set Photos Reveal Anti-Superman Protests

So for those who have seen ‘Man of Steel’ may remember the incredible amount of destruction, including the detail work of people getting crushed to death, and the connections many made to it looking more devastating than 9/11

Metropolis in Ruins

Gee Lois, I think we one upped the Avengers regarding devastation…I’m sure it’ll be OK…

Thankfully, from the looks of things, ‘Superman Vs Batman’ will be addressing these issues with what looks to be protests in the aftermath of said destruction. Considering that Superman officially has an actual body count that he is partially responsible for, this makes sense.




It almost hearkens to a previous Snyder film ‘Watchmen’ with the protests of costumed heroes. Hopefully this film will be able to clean up some of the questions that came up at the end of ‘Man of Steel’ while at the same time finding a way to create a good Batman movie in the wake of the Christopher Nolan version. 



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