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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #44 Ghost Stories and The Native American Paranormal Project!

We Discuss Paranormal Investigations with N.A.P.P.

AndroidVirus and Sean kicked off October the right way this week by bringing on the ghosts! Join us as we discuss Paranormal Investigations with The Native American Paranormal Project. They talk about what they do, some of the interesting places they have checked out and the documentaries they have done.

You can see what they are up to along with all the members of their team by checking their facebook page out here

PLUS! We cover some scary ghost stories, our own experiences as well as take calls from you our listeners on personal ghost stories!

This month is dedicated to all things creepy, so tune in every week as we discuss the weird, bizarre, and scary!

Listen to the Episode Here EPISODE 44

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Also check out our 31 Days of Halloween Tunes that we have collected, we will be featuring them all month long!

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