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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show Episode 45 Preview!


Join us this Friday 10/11 at 9PM EST as we are continuing our October Creepfest! So whats on the docket this week? UFO’s, Aliens, and Cryptozoology!

What is Cryptozoology? Well glad you asked, basically its the study of hidden animals, things like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and other unknown mythical creatures that may or may not exist in this world.

We are also taking YOUR calls on any strange creatures or UFO experiences you may have encountered, so make sure to call us up!

That number is (619) 924-0762

You can listen to the Episode LIVE Here

Don’t forget to check out our 31 Days of Halloween Playlist where we also will be showcasing any clips we are using on the show this week too!

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We will see you this Friday 10/11 at 9PM EST!


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