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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #45 UFO’s, Mirage Men and Cryptozoology!


October frightfest continues!

We discussed the documentary ‘Mirage Men’ which covers the Governments program to send disinformation to UFO researchers in order to discredit them. It is an interesting tale of just how far they went, as well as the side of the people who believed it.

We had Mojo, Flesheater, and Joe on to discuss Aliens, UFO’s, Military involvement and the Reptilian forces that apparently rule us all!

Also this week we discuss Cryptozoology a bit. Mostly in the area of Bigfoot. We cover some stories about the possibility of Bigfoot being a serial killer which you can read about here

We also discussed Werewolves, how they lived among us in real life and other shape shifting beings.

All this plus the great callers who got through on the LIVE show!

Listen to the show here: Episode 45

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