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Foxed! Film Review by Gregmo Roberts

Directors James E.D. Stewart and Nev Bezaire bring their stop animation talents to the new short Foxed! a wonderful 4-minute short that has been making the rounds on the festival circuit for a better part of a year.

Foxed! tells the quick story of Emily who has been kidnapped by foxes and forced to work in the underground mines. Emily’s life has been taken from her and is further exasperated when she finds a one-way mirror that allows her to look into her home where he mother interacts with a fox she suspects is her daughter.

Stop animation is a meticulous endeavor that takes hundreds of hours just to put together the simplest of scenes. If you are lucky, you can strike gold with a story worth the effort and Stewart and Bezaire have found their lightening bottle.

Being an unfortunate length of only 4-minutes, Foxed! uses its truncated time to its advantage and lays down the simple goods. In just 240 seconds a story infused with humor, horror and heartbreak plays out for the benefit of its screeners.

Our only criticism is that Foxed! is not a feature film. Hows, whys, wheres and whens are left to our imagination and we would revel in the opportunity to see it played out to feature length.


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