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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show Episode 46 – Real Life Monsters!


The AndroidVirus & Sean Show Saturday Night Special is available now!

We discussed real monsters this week. Serial Killers like Bundy, BTK, H.H. Holmes, and more. We also went over our personal most hated type of killer.

Sticking with monsters, we discussed stories of animals, like Travis the Chimp that attacked his owners, as well as Stalin’s Humanzee Army!

Plus, we took some very interesting calls from our listeners, including a man who describes himself as a Psychic Vampire Paranormal Researcher! What does that mean? You’ll have to tune in to find out, because we had him on for an extra portion of the show that wasn’t heard live, and is EXCLUSIVE to the podcast episode!
Listen to the show here EPISODE 46

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Also check out our 31 Days of Halloween Tunes that we have collected, we will be featuring them all month long!


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