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Cinema Beef Podcast : #55 : Even Asian Girls and Maestros Get the Blues


Hello, Beefers!  In this episode, I will need you all to prick up your ears and squeal in pain!  I am joined by Onyx Hades of the Horrorcopia and Bump In The Night Podcasts! We cover two very different kinds of films in this one.  First up, one lonely widower takes tryouts for a new wife and gets  more than he bargained for when he picks a real winner.  Join the fun and the torture as Onyx and I discuss Takashi Miike’s Audition from 1999.  Then, we grab our powdered wigs and take to the stage as we join Mozart, not Moe Zart, and Salieri and take  an in depth look into their rivalry, creative struggle and one’s eventual murder in Amadeus from 1984.

Listen to the Episode Here: Episode 55

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