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WolfCop TADFF Film Review by Gregmo Roberts

Movies have transformed many a law enforcement officer into valued entertainment. William Lustig’s Maniac Cop put a killer in the blue uniform. Bloodshot gave us Brad Dourif as a vampire CIA operative, and who can forget Treat Williams as the police officer slowly rotting after becoming a zombie? But what I haven’t seen yet is a werewolf cop (at least not to my recollection) and thanks to Canadian director Lowell Dean, I can now cross that incarnation off my bucket list.

In the new comedy/horror Wolfcop, Leo Fafard plays Lou Garou, a cop working in the town of Woodhaven who (wait for it….wait for it…) just also happens to be a werewolf. Leo’s werewolf tendencies come as a result of a cult that wants to use his blood for the purpose of prolonging their own existence.

But they couldn’t have picked a worse subject. Not only is Leo an alcoholic (hey, he’s Canadian!), but he is a law enforcement officer first and a werewolf second and he uses all his skills and abilities –transformed and human – in an attempt to solve the mysteries of his town alongside his human police officer Tina (Amy Matysio) and his best friend Willie (Jonathon Cherry).

Mixing horror and comedy together is tough. For every Cabin the Woods or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil there’s a Vampire in Brooklyn or Critters. It is a walk on the genre tightrope without a safety net and unfortunately, Wolfcop loses its balance.

Being a genre movie, we don’t want to stand in front of the hanging meat with our boxing gloves on taking jabs. And there are some good points that should be noted. Firstly, the make-up is quite good for the standard and budget of the production. And there is gore aplenty as well reminding us of a more taut Troma film. But outside of the few pluses, the rest of the film is a bummer. The dialogue is atrociously bad that is unfortunate considering that all the actors involved in the production are actually decent. And the story to which the dialogue surrounds is not particularly ingenious.

If you are with a group of friends and want to just throw some mindless fun on the screen, then Wolfcop could be the ticket. But for those of us that want more out of our movie-watching experience, Wolfcop didn’t deliver on the premise and promise. After all, it had the best tag line of the year with “Here Comes the Fuzz!”


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