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NIM VIND Saturday Night Seance Songs Album Review by Vincent Daemon


Saturday Night Seance Songs

Label: House Of Vind

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Hmmmm. Being a “horrorpunk” aficionado, I already had a vague familiarity with NIM VIND, in that I have heard the name tossed about and seen pics and the like, but had never heard nor found anything, in the visual presentation alone, that even remotely stirs any interest whatsoever. *And yes I understand its rock-n-roll and not some fashion contest (although from the really oddball PR you wouldn’t think so), but when dealing in the Horrorpunk genre, a little somethin’-somethin’ is kind of expected in the way of a visual presentation.

For those who may not be familiar with horrorpunk, quite simply think The Misfits. The REAL Misfits . . . none of that Jerry Only Wedding Band Misfits Experience shit, 45 Grave, TSOL, etc., you get the idea. If not, go check it out, it’s great stuff.

But this . . . this is not. In fact, I’m just going to come right out and say do not buy this album. Save your monies. Or go get some grass. Or an ice-cream cone. Or be a decent human and buy a homeless guy a cheeseburger. You’ll get more out of any one of those experiences than you will from this over-produced, toxically boring album. And the Press Release on this one? Oh, did I know I’d be in for a Trick (given the time of year) on the part of the record label, House Of Vind (I am imagining in a quite literal fashion).

This does not sound like a cross between THE MISFITS and BAUHAUS, as the PR proudly and quite loudly, several times (hmmmmm). This instead sounds more like H.I.M. meets A.F.I. This is NOT a good thing. In fact, being a long time horror punk myself, this is downright the fukk offensive. The PR claimed how raw and over-the-top, gritty rock-n-roll this would be. Of NO surprise to me, on any possible level that you could conceive, this was the complete polar-opposite. This was recorded on highly pro, digital-crap equipment, by a band comprised of a bunch of trust-fund-kid bothers (with supposedly classic-era CBGB’s relatives relatives), with more vocal auto-tuning than heard on the last Niki Minage single. They’ve no sense of struggle . . . all roll and no rock. There’s no darkness or humor or even standard horror punk cliche crap anywhere to be found.

Lets see what the band has to say about all this, shall we? As, quite frankly, I’m just about outta words for this one. Nothing about this caught me in any way. Not one hook, not one measure in one song. I found it offensive, in fact, in that it was as boring and dull, pandering, and lame as it was. It stole my time, thieved my energy *(quite like that psy-vamp con-quack I was on the radio with last week with his dull monotonous drone — hell, this is AURAL VAMPIRISM), and any possible hopes I’ve had for a possible positive-progression of the genre, in particular, and punk all the way around. Apparently, Todd Rundgren appears on the song “Astronomical.” HUH? Yeah, that kinda says it all. But here’s Nim to tell you a little bit more:

“When I first heard ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray, or ‘Bella Lugosi’s Dead’ byBauhaus, or ‘Last Caress’ by Danzig‘s Misfits, I knew there was another form of communicating with people that was void of barriers of language, color or any predisposition. It’s a storm recognized as such by anyone who crosses its path. It’s slamming into your brain like a tornado. It can’t be denied,” offers Vind.

Oh, sir, it can and WILL be denied. But, please, go on:

“Todd Rundgren and I were both on Panacea Entertainment’s Management roster out of LA. I pretty much just begged them to show him my song ‘Astronomicon’ the entire time I was with them,one day I got a forwarded message: ‘I’m ready now, send the track.’ He was done and had it back in two hours. No recalls. Nothing. The guy rules. I loved it. I met him later that month and nervously asked him how he was doing. All he said was ‘astronomical’ with a wry smile. That’s all I needed.”

And THAT was all I needed. No, I’m wrong, this is the polar opposite of what I needed. I consider this my general yearly cosmic Halloween Trick. Which works as I scored a set of SAMHAIN reunion tour tickets today (which I will cover here after October 29th), most definitely an aural Halloween Treat in comparison to this, let alone by itself. NIM VIND’s new album should’ve been called Wednesday Night Wasted Time as opposed to Saturday Night Seance Songs.

Glenn Danzig himself should beat the fukk outta you for even DARING to compare this tripe with his own sound. How dare you, Mr. Vind. You want to hear some real, decent modern horror-punk, check out CANCERSLUG, or THE VLADIMIRS instead.

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