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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #47 – Oddities, Horror, and MMA Fighters!!


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Our October Fright-Fest goes on with another awesome episode!

We discussed Haunted Dolls, Scary Stories, and Ax-Wielding Bunny Men!

PLUS! We talked with two MMA Fighters who both will be having bouts on November 1st!

Amber “The Bully” Brown fights for Invicta and is a rising star in the atom weight class! She is ready, and shares a creepy story for us!

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Charlie “Brown” Williams is fighting in New Mexico at King of the Cage. This is his first professional bout, but he is ready for it! He also shares a creepy tale with us in the spirit of the month.

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We also go over just which Horror movies Sean has really seen. You’ll be suprised just how much catching up he needs to do!

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Also check out our 31 Days of Halloween Tunes that we have collected, we will be featuring them all month long!


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