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8 Fascinating Serial Killers That Would Make Excellent Movies by Gregmo Roberts

It is sometimes fascinating how some real life stories -especially those of actual serial killers- still remain untold. Particularly while Wrong Turn 4’s and I Know What You Did Last Summer 3’s still get production funding. So we spent some time at our local library (not true) in an attempt to determine what other serial killer stories might make interesting storytelling. Our attempt at this prose is not to sensationalize or condone the heinous actions of deplorable and despicable individuals. Serial killers live in the wicked bowels of a world we all hope remains only in our movies and nightmares. However, their stories are fascinating windows into the minds and actions of the perverse and insane. That is why they catch headlines around the world and why movies such as Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs can become successful celluloid reels of film history. So which serial killers could have their stories told on film?

Our list starts here:


Robert Pickton – Canada

Also known as ‘The Pig Farm Killer’, Pickton was charged with murdering 6 women, but it is widely accepted that his victims could reach upwards of 49. Pickton was a pig farmer in British Columbia, Canada who lured prostitutes and drug users back to his remote farm where he would gut them and then feed them to his pigs. His trial suggested that cannibalism was also a favorite pastime of Pickton, and court evidence proved that Pickton mixed the human flesh with pork and fed it to friends and family. Police caught up to Pickton when they were investigating a firearms complaint and found an inhaler in Pickton’s house belonging to one of the victims. After years of following dead leads, police said they found so many remains on his property that they might never be able to fully identify all the victims. Pickton’s reign of terror on the city of Vancouver ended with his arrest in February 2002.

Orville Lynn Majors

Orville Lynn Majors – United States

Orville was a nurse working in Indiana that is suspected of killing up to 130 different patients at Vermillion County Hospital. Orville would use potassium chloride on patients that he found whiny, annoying or demanding while he was on duty at the facility. When an investigation launched into why twice as many patients died during Orville’s shifts at the Hospital showed conclusive proof that foul play was involved, Orville Lynn Majors was arrested in 1997 and sentenced to 360 years in prison.

Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito – Columbia

Luis Garavito was also known as “La Bestia” (“The Beast”) and in 1999, he admitted to the rape and murder of 140 young boys. However, details given to the police while incarcerated might put his number of victims over 300 which has labeled him as the ‘world’s worst serial killer’. Garavito would prey on the poor, street children of Columbia aged between 6 and 16. Garavito would rape his victims and then cut their throats and was convicted of 138 murders in 1999. The Columbian prison system does not allow for any prisoner to serve more than 30 years and with good behavior Garavito had his sentence reduced to 22 years.

Pedro López

Pedro López – Ecuador/Columbia

Also known as “The Monster of the Andes”, Pedro López was a serial killer in Ecuador and Columbia whose number of suspected victims range from 100-330. Born to a prostitute and thrown out of the house when he was caught fondling his sister, López was adopted by an American family where he reports to have been molested before running away in 1966. López has admitted to killing three girls on average every week and had over 100 victims by 1978. López was caught by a native tribe in Columbia and they had intentions on executing the madman until a Missionary pleaded with them to let him go. López would strangle his victims and sexually assault them. But when captured in 1980, he was sentenced to only a few years and was released in 1994. His whereabouts are unknown, but he was recently a suspect in a 2002 murder in Columbia and there is presently an Interpol arrest warrant issued for his arrest.

Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal – Pakistan

Javed Iqbal was a serial killer found guilty of the sexual abuse and murder of 100+ children in Pakistan. Iqbal turned himself in in 1999 when he wrote a letter to the police claiming that he had murdered young boys between the ages of 6 and 16 and disposed of their bodies using hydrochloric acid before dumping them into the river. Iqbal would strange his victims with a chain and a police investigation of his home found evidence of even greater atrocities. He was sentenced to death by the Pakistan courts, but was later found dead in his prison cell, apparently of a suicide using poison, but it was widely speculated that the police both tortured and killed Iqbal and his accomplice Sajid Ahmad.

Delfina and María de Jesús González

Delfina and María de Jesús González – Mexico

In the 1950’s two sisters – Delfina and María de Jesús González ran a bordello north of Mexico City. While police were investigating the suspicion of kidnapping of your girls, they found bodies of 11 men, 80 women and several unborn children on the sister’s property. The sisters would put ads in the local papers looking for help. Applicants were forced heroin and cocaine and forced into prostitution. When no longer of value to the sisters, they would be killed as was many of the johns that happened to have lots of money in their possession at the time of sale. Two other sisters in the family – Carmen and Maria Luisa – were also considered to be contributors to the serial killing spree that ended in 1963.

David Parker Ray

David Parker Ray – United States

Apprehended in 1999, David Parker Ray was also known as the “Toy-Box Killer” and was suspected to have murdered up to 60 people. David Parker Ray tortured and killed victims in a torture chamber he named ‘the toy box’. The toy box was equipped with everything from whips, chains, saws and blades  and cost over $100,000 to construct. Also found in his home was an electronic device constructed for the purposes of torture. In March of 1999, a victim escaped from Ray’s home when she managed to obtain the keys from Ray’s accomplice (Cindy Hendy). During the struggle that ensued, Hendy was stabbed in the neck with an ice-pick. Ray was convicted of 224 years in prison for murder, torture and assault and Hendy (who survived) was sentenced to 36 years for her involvement.


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