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Cinema Beef Podcast #56 : So Bad It’s Good



Happy Halloween  from Cinema Beef!  I am joined by Doug Tilley and Bo Ransdell as we discuss our picks for films that are so bad they are good!  First up, Doug takes us to crazy town as Billy deals with budding homosexuality, murder and one crazy ass aunt in Night Warning from 1982.  Next. we go into the woods with Bo and deal with some hungry rednecks in Cannibal Campout from 1988.  Finally, we tempt evil forces and get all of out senses offended in the process in Nightmare Sisters from 1988!  We also have many submissions from other podcasters on what their choices are for this as well!  Enjoy!

Listen to the Episode Here: Episode 56

Contact Info

Facebook : Gary Hill, Bo Ransdell, Douglas Tilley

Twitter : @GDubby, @Doug_Tilley, @BoinTN

E-Mail :



No Budget Nightmares 

Not So Evil Sidecast

Watch Night Warning 

Watch Cannibal Campout


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