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Taking time NOT to vote this year by Sean Breeding

Every two years we as Americans get the “privilege” of voting in elections, whether it be the mid terms, or the major Presidential one. When that time comes, a groundswell of people urge to get the vote out, as it is our “duty” as Americans to do so. Then Election Day happens, we rah rah rah and then meritocracy continues for another two years until it is time to do it again.

I’m done with all that. The last time I voted was 2008, and unless things actually change (and please don’t send in a bunch of comments that it won’t change unless guys like me vote), I won’t be voting ever again. I used to vote every chance I got, I considered it an awesome thing that was bestowed upon me when I hit 18, and was very involved with knowing what candidates positions were, etc. So what happened? I think my eyes just opened up, I realized that, (call it conspiracy thinking if you want) no one up on Capitol Hill, and really no one in the State Legislature seemed to really give a crap about its citizens, but more so about just getting re elected.

Think about it. When whatever party gets the majority, they spend time saying they can’t get shit done because they have to fix the mistakes of the last majority that fucked it all up. While that is going on, the Minority party spends time saying, when WE become the majority, things will get fixed because the current majority is fucking things up. It never ends. The President blames his opposing party for failures (notice I said President and didn’t name any specific one because they all do it) , fingers get pointed everywhere, and we continue to try on with our lives making ends meet, and praying that it won’t all collapse.

No one thinks about the people anymore. There is no real representation because a real representative can’t afford the money it takes to run an election. The ones who can, either have favors to pay for the people who lent them the money, OR if they have the money can’t honestly say they know what the average American goes through day to day financially. So whats the point?

Let me say at this point, I don’t care if you do or don’t vote. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t. I’m just saying why I don’t. Maybe if there were actual term limits not only on the President, but the Senate and the House. Maybe if there were terms set for the Supreme Court, instead of an almost monarchical type ruling for life I would change my mind. Maybe if we actually went to the old days of Ancient Greece where representatives were actually farmers, villagers, you know, the PEOPLE and had them represent us I would vote. Maybe if JUST ONE candidate promised what he said, actually gave a shit, and didn’t try to please his backers and instead the people I would vote. I don’t think I will see that in my lifetime.

Please don’t write in saying that if I don’t vote I can’t have an opinion on the matter anymore either. I used to be that douche too. Of course I have a right to say what I want. I could just quote the old George Carlin bit and say that its you assholes that vote that shouldn’t complain because you voted in the garbage, and I didn’t so I have a right to complain. As a matter of fact here’s that clip now

Now I don’t really like Carlin, but he does make a point, if not amusing one. I won’t say this should be everyone’s thought on voting though, because we are all different.

I actually get amused and a little happy for the ones out there who truly think they are making a difference at the polls. Probably because I’m jaded but I take it as looking at a child who believes in Santa Claus still. Its adorable. We need people like that in this country to keep going, as much as we need assholes like me to balance out that end.

So this Tuesday (or if you are reading this after the next election in the future) do what you want. Vote, don’t vote. For those that don’t, don’t feel like you are an idiot or not contributing, because I guarantee you probably pay taxes, and do your duty in other sections to contribute to the country. For those that do, be happy, maybe this time they will all get it right and America will finally be saved! Remember that those letters need to be sent in at least two weeks in advance to Santa before Christmas though if you plan on getting what you want on that list!


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