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Some Kind Of Nightmare ‘Never Had A Chance’ Album Review by Vincent Daemon


Never Had A Chance

Release Date: Available Now (and cheap!)

Label: Self-Released


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Some Kind Of Nightmare are:

Molly Mess-Vox/4 String

Stick Chy Mess-Vox/Six String

Stick Konr Dare-Hittin’ the drums

AndroidVirus slipped this to me as I was posting (ie: spamming — *just wanted to say spam) a bunch of down-n-dirty, real, old-school punk rock songs and videos on facebook.

Boy, was I surprised with this. Having never heard of them, and it being “punk,” I had no idea what to expect. The term punk nowadays usually refers to something very, very bad.

Again, another pleasant surprise. Immediately the production lends a perfect accompaniment to the sleazy, trashy immediacy and genuine rage being presented. It’s perfect: sounds like a damned fine and crisp Tascam 4-Track analogue production to me.

All I know of these guys is that this is their second full length, and they are a self-described “power trio” from San Diego, CA. They most definitely carry on that classic SoCal punk tradition of short, rageful outbursts of (occasionally) melodic musical anger, male and female vocals alike both spewing their venom at the world, unified as one force for positive. Often together they sing, reminding me in some ways of a hyper-raw and early X as they blend and weave their vocals, but they each get a chance to sing their own full pieces as well. Molly Mess’ voice when solo reminds me a bit of Theo from the LUNACHICKS.

This is good, grimy fun, and it’s nice to know that lo-fi sounds of rock-n-roll fury, of this caliber, are still emanating from basements, warehouses and garages all around us; that some people still have a sense of the true aesthetic, feeling no need to tamper with what was never broken to begin with.

No pre-packaged, manufactured rage here: this is the real deal. You can part with $5 for this. You’re only gonna buy beer or grass with it anyway.

Great fukking stuff.

Contact the band directly at

Or their facebook page:

Or Reverbnation:

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