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ADIMIRON ‘TIMELAPSE’ Album Review by Vincent Daemon



Label: Scarlet Records

Release Date: November 4th, 2014


Alessandro Castelli – Guitars
Federico Maragoni – Drums
Maurizio Villeato – Bass Guitars
Andrea Spinelli – Vocals
Thomas Aurizzi – Guitars

To learn more about ADIMIRON, please visit or

This album I just sort of just checked out on a whim, choosing from amongst the new pile of sounds electronically thrust my way; a random pick, essentially. It was the album cover, really, that pulled me to it. A black and white depiction of some kind of sinew or nerve tearing, as an apparent cellular death occurs all around the snapping synapse. I like it *(the cover, that is, as I had not listened to the album yet).

The band is called ADIMIRON, and they are classified as Italian Progressive Death metal. I was not entirely sure what all exactly that would entail, and while definitely NOT my kind of metal, I gotta give these guys some props for coming up with something a little different than the usual sword-n-sorcery silliness the Euro-Prog Metal genre is notorious for.

The music is chaotic and explosive, but it is a controlled chaos. Every note, sound, and sound effect is deliberate and planned. The musicianship on display here is absolutely mind-numbing, and lyrically each song seems to be a tale unto itself, though again, a very loose idea, say, as opposed to a*(nother) concept, is apparent by the albums finish.

Some of their influences I think seem to seep in a bit much at times, especially the sounds of TOOL (an element very present, only here and there, in the vocals, and the general tribalesque rhythms and interplay/repetition of certain break-downs, most present in the more tame parts), MESHUGGAH in it’s almost constant rhythm and timing changes that equate to some sort of musical mathematical madness, MACHINE HEAD in their sheer relentless attack of heaviness, and what I ended up finding most present of all, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. In fact, DEVON TOWNSEND’s vocals really would fit this perfectly. But the way ADIMIRON blend it all together and it finalizes, TIMELAPSE is, at the end of the listen, by far it’s own work.

That is not to say that lead vocalist Andrea Spinelli is not fully equipped with the sounds of his own overall unique and roaring vocal style. Not only that, he apparently both directed and worked on some of the stop motion effects for the video to the song “STATE OF PERSISTENCE.”

Guitarist Alessandro Caselli is quite excited by the bands fourth album, and the video alike, saying of the video:

“The entire set was built and designed to fully turn on itself in order to draw the idea of cyclicity, persistence, returning, in line with the concept of the song.”

Of the album itself, Caselli states:

“With Timelapse, we’re trying to explore our relationship with the only aspect that cannot be modified in our lives: the flow of time. The new album extends all our personal and daily feelings about the choices that compose our identity, a sort of glass sliding doors. But Timelapse is not only a mirror reflecting our inner tensions: it’s like a ‘portal’ to our relationship with the surrounding world and how it’s been modified from the beginning.”

As initially stated, while not entirely my thing, this still turned out to be a fantastic listen, the musicianship just ultimately completely mindblowing. I recommend this for fans of the ever increasing European Progressive Death Metal genre, especially those who are looking for something a bit different, both musically and conceptually, than most of the recent D&D-type Euro-Prog running around out there slaying dragons and the like.

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