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Cinema Beef Podcast #57 : Rabid Heroes and Incestuous Sheep


Lock your doors and put up that wall, Cinema Beef rides again with some campy ass shit.  I am joined by James Cox of the Who Filmed This Shit Podcast and we got some real winners this time.  First up, when a St. Bernard gets into some mischief with some bats and possibly some crystal meth, he toys with a cheating wife and her emaciated son with mediocre results in Cujo from 1983. Then, we head to Midwich! Where the janitors are drunk, the doctors are smug and the children are all fucked up.  We cover John Carpenter’s Village of the Damned from 1995!  This one goes to some weird places so I apologize ahead of time!

Listen to the Episode Here: Episode 57

Contact Info

Facebook : Gary Hill

Twitter : @GDubby

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Facebook : James Cox

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Music Credits

“Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” performed by The Cramps

“Kids of the Damned” performed by Svengoolie (Rich Koz) and Doug Graves

“Deer Dance” performed by System of a Down 



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