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The AndroidVirus and Sean Episode 51 preview!

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We are back this week with our last live show for November, so what is in store for you?

Well, we finish up our Point Break discussion as we ran out of time on last weeks show, but we also have stories of insane MMA fighters, Reboots to even older classics that we thought were untouchable, as well as the epic battle between Anonymous and the KKK!

All that PLUS! We have the band Some Kind of Nightmare on to discuss their latest album, ‘Never Had a Chance’ , tour and what is in store for them in the future!
Check out Some Kind of Nightmare’s stuff below

Facebook page Some Kind of Nightmare

Also check out our Patrice O’Neal playlist that we have going all month long!

We are LIVE This Friday 11/21 at 9PM EST!

Listen to the show LIVE HERE

Call us (619)924-0762
Tweet us @AVandSeanShow
Message us and like our Facebook Page!

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