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What the internet age has created by Sean Breeding

I love the fact that I have a website, and a show I can use in order to vent at times. It helps. Plus it gives me the opportunity to get my thoughts together correctly instead of in 140 characters on twitter or a TL:DR post on Facebook. Here I can vent, someone might read it, offer opinion, or just move on. It’s a good thing. There are times though where I wish to God the internet had never been invented. That social media was never around. That we could go back to just corded phones, and real experiences. That’s the subject of today’s opinon piece. What the Internet age has created. Join me will you as I point out what, in my opinion, has ruined what should have been a good thing.


The first of these has to be the overbearing troll. Initially, these were the people that would say shocking shit simply because of disagreements. The term used to be called a Flame War back in the really early days of internet. Because we are anonymous online, it makes it very easy to say whatever, regardless whether we believe in said statement just to take jabs. Look at Twitter, look at Facebook (although those for the most part are less anonymous these days), look at any political post, religious post, music post, TV, ANYTHING. Scoll down a little and its like the floodgates start. I really place the internet troll as the genesis of everything, because if it wasn’t for them, the rest of this wouldn’t branch off the way it has happened. Pretty much every other topic in this opinion piece has some root to the internet troll. Lets look at what has been birthed because of it. Without the internet troll we wouldn’t have

The picked on social neighborhood

What do I mean by this? It’s easy to spot. Anyone dismissive of criticism by stating they are not giving in to “haters”. Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, and countless other celebrities online are the most famous. Swift’s awesome pop song ‘Shake it off’ uses the fucking hater line in it. Kendall Jenner has the burn book out dealing with the haters she’s had to deal with, and Chris Brown and his fans dismiss everything thrown his way as just haters hating. It spread though, I see friends, family. coworkers, and more dismiss anything critical as “haters” and it gets really fucking annoying. The internet troll has a hand in this because in the massive sea of evil they throw towards someone, it honestly can make it tough picking out constructive criticism from being an asshole. Because of that though, we effectively shut down any form of communication. That leads us to

The easily offended

Because we are so used to it now, people are immediately taking any action and going DEFCON 1 without looking at context. We call for the heads of TV Shows, Radio Shows and more. It’s now getting so out of hand there are actually assholes going around, and looking peoples info up to tattletale someone else’s online behavior to their boss. The social network age has effectively bred rats that can’t wait to point out someone elses mistake, then get pissed when the tables are turned. This leads us to

Phony online realities

You know this one, hell you might even be a part of this one. I can almost immediately tell a fake setup photo of a tender moment these days. Watching people at the store stop in the middle of the lane to take a pic of the sack of potatoes they got to upload to instagram with the hashtag #TheStruggleIsReal what does that even mean? Everything has to be a fucking moment to upload to facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat, etc. Nothing seems real anymore. I have my phone. It is with me all the time. I mostly use it to listen to music. I have twitter. Until recently its basically been a ghost town there. Look at my facebook. I’ll respond to other peoples topics, but not a word of what I’m doing on my timeline. Why? Because I’m fucking over the phoniness of documenting my life online. We also want to seem to be looked at in certain ways. Either the good housewife, the badass real gangsta, the vigiliant protector of America, and that leads us to

The appearance of polarization

Once again, take a look at any political post online. Any religious post while you are at it too. 50% one way. 50% the other, unless it is in a group that is biased, then you get 70 – 30 (the 30% being opposing viewpoint trolls). It is only one way for a person and no consideration for another viewpoint. However we don’t want to offend the other person so make sure you click like on thier point then tell them why they are wrong. It’s like a don’t take this the wrong way but you are full of shit for the online community. No one is willing to budge. At least that is what it appears. Appearance is everything though. So for the ones who are quiet online (myself included) who see both sides but dont feel like getting in the middle of a cock fight it leaves us very confused. I know at times I feel discouraged at what the future holds when I see this shit. Don’t worry not making it seem like the planet is lost, but it can be rough to look at. There is one other area I want to add, not really a major thing, but it means something to me that I’ve noticed we’ve lost too.

A sense of humor

A good sense of humor anyway. In the pursuit of not offending, being irrational, and trying to be serious all the time we either have or are losing humor. Some can’t even take a joke online anymore to try and release tension. “This is a serious discussion man, have a fucking heart.” Ok. I will. I’ll go walk over here where I still see some others having fun and you be a sad sack over there. Lighten up. I don’t mean in that phony way either, just lighten the fuck up.

While this has been somewhat of a serious post, honestly most of it is frustration with very mild jabs of humor thrown into it. Keep everything nice an centered, and not fake. Be real. Think of these things the next time you decide you need to yell at someone after getting your Iced Coffee selfie on instagram.


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