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It’s been a bit since we posted some regular good food and drink stuff on here, so we are back with Nerdy Nummies who never disappoint! Today they show how to make Bomberman style cupcakes for your appetite!

Here is the reciepe but you can also get it through their Youtube channel

* (1) Sugar Free Classic Cake Mix:
* (1/3) Cup Vegetable Oil:
* (1) Tub Sugar Free Frosting:
* (1) Ivory Food Dye:
* (1) Black Food Dye:
* (1) Sugar Free Licorice:
* (1) Sugar Free Gumballs:
* (1) Bag York Peppermint Minis:
* (1) Cup Water
* (3) Eggs

* (1) Pack White Cupcake Liners:
* (1) Pack Black Cupcake Liners:
* Piping Bags:
* Decorating Tips:


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