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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #57 – All along the Watchtower

Another fun filled episode of AndroidVirus & Sean is ready for you wanting and needing ears!

On this episode we discuss Bio-pics and Historical pics like Selma and a Jimi Hendrix movie AndroidVirus watched. We also get into the burned out feeling we have with Hollywood regarding the million different comic book movies coming out, as well as the reboots, sequels, and other non original content that is on the horizon!

We also speak to Sean from Squirrelly Arts, a really good Industrial Metal band! He discusses the band, genre, gigs, and more! You can find out about them at their Facebook page, or website:

We also go a bit political in this show, and discuss not only the ISIS hostage situation with two Japanese men, but how sick we are with the cheerleaders on both sides of the political spectrum who would rather cheer than see progress at times.

There is so much on this show we go over the usual two hour mark, so hang in there with us!

You can listen to the episode here: Episode 57

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