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Headphones Review: Klipsch X10 In Ear Headphones

Nowadays headphones are all the rage. The kids are all going gaga over companies like Beats, Bose, SkullCandy, and Apple. While “Designer” Headphones are what’s trending, let’s not forget why we get headphones in the first place. Before I give the big reveal, I’ll let you ponder this for a second… Give up? TO LISTEN TO SHIT! That’s right. We buy headphones so our ears can hear things. Things like music, or podcasts, or even the radio. It seems like headphones have gone the way of the wristwatch in which they’re used as an accessory more than anything else.

I consider the brands named above as gateway headphones. If someone knows absolutely nothing about heaphones, they tend to go after Beats or Bose. But once you start to dive into this magical world of sound, you soon realize that there are much better sounding products out there, and with comparable prices. I, myself have had many, many headphones in my life, at least one pair of each of these brands before. None of them come close to the Klipsch X10’s.

After my “Discovery” phase of headphone experimenting, I came across an Amazon deal for these beauties. I’ve had the Klipsch S4’s for awhile and liked the brand so much that I couldn’t pass up on this deal ($70 at the time). Boy was I amazed. Well, maybe not at first.

The first week or so, they sounded a little too high pitched and the bass was lacking. But, as with any sound device, there was a break in period. Once this passed, they completely opened up. Bass was very tight and everything sounded crystal clear. With these, you hear every single detail. I thought the S4’s were the creme del a creme. These blew what was already the best in ears I’ve ever heard out of the water. They’re also comfortable. These were already known for being the smallest in ears on the market, and this so called “size advantage” really helped the experience. Not only are they so comfortable that you forget that they’re in your ears, but the tight fit helps isolate the sound and exentuate the bass.

Overall, these are what I consider to be the best in ear headphones that don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s important to note that the X10’s are discontinued but the next model (X11) is the exact same headphone and I would say any models after that would be the same. If you’re looking to spend the money on those “really cool” Bose noise canceling headphones, I strongly recommend spending your money on these instead. I’ve had those shiny, expensive Bose headphones that you’re eyeing up. Believe you me, These sound significanty better and last much longer.


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