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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #58 Writer/Director Jack Thomas Smith!

This week we are back with even more of what you need!

We start off talking about the state of Pro Wrestling in the WWE (non fans bear with us) after the fallout from this years Royal Rumble PPV. We get into the directions WWE is going with Roman Reigns and our disappointment in the lack of pushing better stars.

We also spoke to Writer/Director Jack Thomas Smith about his movie Infliction. We go into what inspired the movie, his previous film, and what is in store for the future. Infliction is getting many positive reviews, and you should definintely check it out. You can see Infliction on VOD, Digital Downloads and pretty much anywhere else in the US and Canada by going to
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We take a small break but come back discussing the disgust again with all the remake news this week. Joined by Mojoe and The Flesheater, they also chime in with disgust!

Finally we disuss a documentary we saw “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane” an HBO Documentary about the tragic accident that caused the death of 8 people after a mini van collided with another vehicle going the wrong direction on a road. It is filled with a mystery as Diane had a high Blood Alcohol Content and THC in the system, to which her family says she wasn’t a person who would do this. It is a sad, but interesting documentary, and we sum it up the only way we know how!

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