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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #59 Hangin’ with the Dragon Lady Eva Madusa!

We return this week with an action packed almost 3 hour show filled for you!

Right off the gate we have Molly for Some Kind of Nightmare on to discuss their tour, heading back to NM and fun on the road! Check them out on Facebook to keep up to date on tour and how you can support them!

We also have Eva Madusa in to discuss her life of body modification and the lengths she is going through in her life to make herself complete. It really is an interesting tale, you have to check it out!

PLUS! We discuss a creepy tale of driving the back roads of NM. Very chilling and leads to the discussion of the anniversary of the West Mesa Murders. NM is a crazy place at times, which also makes it fun.

We have so much it goes beyond our usual 2 hours, so stick with us as we will be off the next 2 weeks due to personal things. Until then check this one out along with our archives through Blog Talk Radio, Itunes, TuneIN or wherever you listen!

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