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Cinema Beef Podcast : Eyepatch Theory w/ Professor X

Beef Art Russell


Beef Art Russell 2


Grab your glass eyeball, the kids and your wits because Cinema Beef is back with a real doozy.  I am joined by my permanent co-host, Jeffery X Martin, as we trudge into some awkward territory.  X has programmed three very connected Kurt Russell films for us to forge on through.  First up, Snake takes on fabulous bad guys, punks and dated technology in Escape From New York.  Then, Russell plays scumbag number one when he kidnaps a rich bitch with hilarious and creepy results in Overboard.  Finally, we take to the high seas where Kurt comes full circle, tortures a stuffy businessman’s family and becomes nautical Jesus in Captain Ron.  Hope you guys like the new format.  It’s only gonna get weirder!

Listen to the Episode Here: Eyepatch Theroy With Professor X


Kiss The Goat

6.5 Feet Under 

Sloppy Seconds 


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