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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #60 Writer/Director Mark Williams, Violet, and The Magical Space Adventures!

With two weeks off, we are back with so much stuff to talk about we don’t even know where to begin.

AndroidVirus and Sean discuss the time off, Aaron has been to several concerts, and Sean has recently moved back to New Mexico.

We then have Mark Williams on the line to discuss his recent movie Violet. We discuss the process, actors, and how it was created, as well as where you can check it out. Plus Mark discusses recent investigations with N.A.P.P and other projects coming up.

You can check out info on Violet the Movie by going to the following places

After a small break, we come back, and talk a documentary we saw about Heaven’s Gate, which leads to a discussion about a space adventure that goes all over the place. We have Vincent Daemon, Flesheater, and Mojoe on for this to play around with it!

You gotta check it out to get all the listening fun

Listen to the show here: Episode 60

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