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‘Immortal RANDY RHOADS The Ultimate Tribute’ Album review by Vincent Daemon

Immortal RANDY RHOADS The Ultimate Tribute Label: UDR Music Release Date: March 3, 2005

Featuring an All-Star Line-Up of Music Greats:














                BERNIE TORME               



… and More

What more can be said? This is indeed The Ultimate Tribute. Just that list of names alone speaks volumes about the talent of both current and classic metal dignitaries involved in this mammoth project of forever-classic, guitar driven metal *(of corpse with touches of ye ol Cock Rock thrown in for good measure). From some who’ve played for OZZY, some for QUIET RIOT, and many who never did either to any capacity – – – from SERJ “S.O.A.D.” TANKIAN to genetically-infused virtuoso DWEEZIL ZAPPA – – – the love and passion for the timeless and classic stylings of RHOADS’ and his groundbreaking, passionate melodies and fluid anthems can be felt from the first track, a very punky “Crazy Train,” to the appropriate closer “Flying High Again,” his own influence, and the personal and modern-stylistic touches of the multitude of modern-day giants involved here, can all be felt with true heart. Something sadly missing from many do-it-for-a-dollar el cheapo tributes consistently popping up, often bland and quasi-mocking.

One thing I really dig about this is that this focuses not just on the RANDY RHOADS/OZZY work, but RHOADS’ earliest output with the often-mocked but just as fun and important to the genre *(Realistically if not more so) QUIET RIOT, where RHOADS essentially got his start. Be it a measly two songs (“Back To The Coast” and “Killer Girls”), from when LONG before anyone gave a shit who QUIET RIOT was, and they broke the airwaves with a series of record company-forced recordings of SLADE covers *(much to the chagrin of Kevin Dubrow [RIP] – – – I’m going on a tangent here, unnecessarily-necessarily, or vice-versa, this ain’t CIRCUS Magazine and you probably stopped reading sentences ago, so – – –) – – – at least that most early of beginnings is touched upon, and both songs are pretty killer as presented here.

It’s a little odd sounding at times, between the modern digital production and new vocalizations, but not in the worst of ways. Perhaps it’s just in hearing a multitude of songs that you grew up with *(Nostalgia), which were essentially created by a young and potent musical force who passed this plane *(seriously no pun intended) far too young, leaving behind a small but forever classic handful of incredible songs that will be forever ingrained in our minds and spirits, songs that gave this old punk a real push in a particular direction a long, long, long time ago – – – songs that are done a great justice on this truly heartfelt Tribute Project.

*(Truth be told though, I’ve always been an ALICE COOPER guy. OZZY’s Sharon-controlled silly-ish dark rock of the period still pales in comparison to just about anything “The COOP” ever did.) But the truth of power behind RHOADS’ almost magick abilities with his instrument cannot nor should not be overlooked or denied, frontman biases aside.

If you’re a fan in any way, this is most certainly worth picking up.

Here’s the Full track listing of songs and performers:

  1. Crazy Train

Vocals: Serj Tankian

Gtrs:  Tom Morello

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums:  Vinny Appice

  1. Over the Mountain

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Jon Donais

Bass:  Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Frankie Banali

  1. Mr Crowley

Vocals: Chuck Billy

Gtrs:  Alexi Laiho

Keyboards: Kelle Rhoads

Bass Rudy: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice

  1. Believer

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Doug Aldrich

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice

  1. Back To The Coast (Quiet Riot)

Vocals: Kelle Rhoads

Gtrs:  Bruce Kulick

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Frankie Banali

  1. I Don’t Know

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: George Lynch

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen

  1. S A T 0

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Rhythm guitars: Bob Kulick

Lead guitar: Dweezil Zappa

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Vinny Appice

  1. Killer Girls (Quiet Riot)

Vocals:  Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Joel Hoekstra

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen

  1. Goodbye to Romance

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs: Gus G.

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen

  1. Suicide Solution

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Brad Gillis

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums: Brett Chassen

  1. Flying High Again

Vocals: Tim “Ripper” Owens

Gtrs:  Bernie Torme

Bass: Rudy Sarzo

Drums:  Brett Chassen

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