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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #61 – Scumbags, Villains, and the Unexplained!

It was another episode filled with madness, comedy, and so much more! Right off the bat we get into a discussion about a man who desecrated Dimebag Darrell’s gravestone, and the backlash that insued from Pantera fans from everywhere!…ing-vandalized

We are also joined by Molly from Some Kind of Nightmare as well as Mojoe, both who were playing together at the same venue! No doubt it was a treat for everyone who attended!

Discussions of the female variety is brought up again, and Sean compares AndroidVirus’ oral skills with a video about the proper way to eat watermelon

Flesheater joins us as we discuss action figures, as well as the new Alien sequel that is in the works. We also get a suprise call from someone who hasn’t been on in a long time, so you gotta tune in to see what he has been up to!

Listen to the show here: Episode 61


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