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ULI JON ROTH ‘SCORPIONS REVISITED’ – Album Review by Vincent Daemon

ULI JON ROTH SCORPIONS REVISITED Label: UDR Music Release Date: Currently Available


ULI JON ROTH is comprised of: ULI JON ROTH – Rhythm and lead guitars, writing/arrangement NATHAN JAMES – Vocals JAMIE LITTLE – Drums ULE W. RITGEN – Bass NIKLAS TURMANN – guitar, vocals CORVAN BAHN – Keyboards, vocals DAVID KLOSINSKI – Guitar


This is a collection of classic SCORPIONS re-recordings/re-imaginings, as put together solely by SCORPIONS guitar virtuoso ULI JON ROTH, new versions of forgotten powerhouse early metal he helped write and arrange during his tenure with the german heavy metal giants. The SCORPIONS have a long (40+ years) legacy of music *(that unfortunately in the mid 80’s was considered a part of the burgeoning glam scene, thanks to the wonderkinds at Mtv – – – hey, at least then they still played music, shitty as most of it was), the band originally forming in 1965(!). ULI JON ROTH was one of a series of fantastic musicians to rotate through the band over the years, and performed on some of their best and most popular albums throughout the mid 70’s, replacing original lead guitarist MICHAEL SCHENKER. ULI JON ROTH time-travels to material from the albums Fly To The Rainbow (1974), In Trance (1975), Virgin Killer (1976) and Taken By Force (1977). This is a revisit to the classic beginnings of metal, some of its progressions through that time period (roundabouts when both NWOBHM and punk were in their earliest stages), and is a sonic pleasure to behold. ULI JON ROTH appeared on their second full length, saw them through the late 70’s, and to the return of original lead guitarist MICHAEL SCHENKER (virtuoso in his own right) in 1978.

What is contained in this double-disc set is ULI JON ROTH’s own completely personalized takes on many of the classics he helped to write, arrange, and record. Being as it’s 2015 and not 1974, the production is of the utmost top-notch quality, slick as a wet mirror, yet manages to retain the true heart and soulful power of the originals, in many cases even more so *(especially disc two’s “We’ll Burn The Sky,” possibly my favorite of the set). The guitarwork is absolutely mind-numbing at times, in a way re-classic-ing certain already longtime classics. At points it’s a bit heavier than the originals, with entirely new and reconceptualized solos, bridges, etc., punctuating many of these songs with a new and re-invigorated power. It’s almost like this man’s fingers have become tentacles, there is such a fluidity to the almost incessantly rambling *(in a good way) and non-stop lead work. I’m often not big on guitar wankery, lest it be that engaging – – – which this is. *(Hell, the man even apparently invented the “Sky Guitar,” a six-octave beast of an instrument, a wee bit of trivia I was not familiar with).  

The idea/project came to ULI JON ROTH unexpectedly, as so many of these things often do: “The material for this double CD was recorded last year in the same hall in Hanover that we used for the Scorpions rehearsals 1973-1978,” explains Roth. “Together with an amazing bunch of very talented young musicians, I revisited my personal favourites from the early Scorpions period, some of which were written in that same hall. It was an emotional few days and I am very pleased with the results in more ways than one. The idea was to stay truthful to the original spirit of the music, while also putting a new slant on it whenever it felt like the right thing to do. I feel we really succeeded in this and I’m very excited about this project. It was an intense journey into the past and I think we really managed to bring the songs back to life with a vengeance.” This is not egomaniacal shit-talking and self back-patting, every word of which he speaks above is true. These songs are indeed back with a vengeance, playing for keeps and looking back not only in nostalgia but forward in progression, as well. I can almost guarantee that none of this will recieve any actual standard radio airplay, when this is something actually deserving of it. But really, are the masses deserving of this?

Stop playing “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “Winds Of Change.” There’s this now. Take a step back and get with the times.

2015 ULI JON ROTH International Tour Dates:

19.02.2015 – Japan – Nagoya – Bottom Line

20.02.2015 – Japan – Tokyo – Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

22.02.2015 – Japan Osaka – Quattro

11.04.2015 – Full Metal Cruise II –

to            Mediterranean Sea –

16.04.2015 Palma de Mallorca/Barcelona/Ibiza

24.04.2015 – Germany – Lauda-Königshofen – Keep it True Festival

22.05.2015 – Germany – Bocholt – Alte Molkerei

23.05.2015 – Germany – Bocholt – Alte Molkerei

22.08.2015 – Germany – Balve – Balver Höhle

27.08.2015 – Full Metal Cruise III –

to           North Sea –

31.08.2015   Kiel/Copenhaven/Gothenburg/Hamburg

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