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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #62 – Miracles, Creepy Stories, and Bigfoot the attempted Murderer!

Also a heavily packed, Paranormal show for your enjoyment!

What a wild and crazy Friday the 13th edition of our show!

We start off the show with some technical glitches, but more importantly AndroidVirus received a letter regarding an album review that was featured on our site The Intestinal Fortitude. We cover the controversy, as well as get the author of said review Vincent Daemon on the line to discuss.

You can check that article here and form your own opinions

We move on to the meat of the show, which is filled with paranormal stories, also talk about miracles and UFO’s! We also get a call from a listener regarding a Bigfoot experience!

This show is so jam packed we go into an extra hour where the topic of music comes up again!

You gotta tune in to check out all the greatness, this is one definitely for the history books folks!

Listen to the show here: Episode 62


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