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AndroidVirus and Sean Show #63 – Rage On!

We are back this week with an update on the fallout from last weeks show, talking about the review some more and where we are going from there with our website. Vincent Daemon calls in to discuss it with us

Also Sean’s brother joins in studio as we discuss trolling, New Mexico Dog Nappers, as well as the haunted Chelsea Hotel.

We are also joined on the line by Dolly, who is calling back to discuss paranormal things, specifically UFO’s with Mojoe, who caught some more unknown activity on video!

This show is so jam packed it goes into overtime AGAIN! Catch what wasn’t live on hour 3 where the discussion went into drug hallucinations, waking up to the reality of the world, lay lines and more!

You gotta tune in to listen to all the fun!

Listen to the show Here: Episode 63

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