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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #64 – Special Guests KillMama!

AndroidVirus and Sean returned this week by kicking things in high gear! We had Sophie and Rob from KillMama call in to discuss their music, latest release (coming out April 1st) as well as the tour they are on! Not only that but we get into some discussions about paranormal things, as well as crazy callers with questions!

You gotta listen to them, their music is fantastic!

Check them out here

Buy KillMama’s Release (Pre Order Now, Release on April 1st)

Check out their other areas

Slow Suicide on Youtube

We also discussed the tragic death of Hijo Del Perro Aguayo that happened last weekend. We go over a list of in ring deaths, and there seems to be a lot in common with all of them…other than the death of course.

You also have to tune in to listen to our discussion on creepy underage classic rock sex songs, as well as those sleazy 80’s sex comedies that could never be made today!

Check out everything we got, where you need it, as always we are here to deliver on the entertainment!

Listen to the show here: Episode 64

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