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I wasn’t really quite sure what this was when AndroidVirus suggested it. This is apparently a strange collaborative effort from a stunning array of varying-genre musicians, coming together to create songs based on their own personal perspectives of the hyper-popular HBO series GAME OF THRONES. A show I admittedly have watched very little of (most of the first season, I think), but know more than enough about, as most of my general associates are into it, and incessantly singing its praises. Well, I guess you could say the literal praise-singing is here, and to me – – – bizarre, to say the least. It’s presented through the genres of  hip-hop, Top 40 Pop, nu-metal, soul, reggaeton, world-music, metalcore, EBM, and several genre-crossovers, all with strange arrangements, soundbites and lead-ins.

I’ve heard of “Fan Fiction.” I guess this would be the “Fan Rock” equivalent.

Each act/performer/band/group puts their unique *(word used oh-so loosely) spin on it that aligns their genre of music with certain aspects of the show. Whether it be rogue gangs, spoilt boy-kings, incestuous unrequited love, monster hordes, battles of honor, war, true love, the breaking of oaths and hearts, general foolishness of man, horny dwarves, or death, it is all pretty much covered here. Extensively at that, through both lyric and music.

Overall, I am not so much of a fan of the show. It’s ok. See, I’m quite familiar with creator/writer GEORGE R.R. MARTIN; he’s been around awhile now. I was reading him more than twenty years ago, when he was writing really long and hyper-dramatic horror, like his very own Louisiana-Vampire novel “FEVER DREAM” from 1982. When I say long, I mean “THE STAND”-type long. Much like his GAME OF THRONES books, which are all huge. But, as stated, I know his writing from long before GAME OF THRONES, and was not so fond of it then – – – nor am I now. Personal preference, obviously in the minority *(nothing new about that).

The sounds presented all feel out of place from what little I’ve seen and read. I never once thought SNOOP DOGG or ANTHRAX while checking the show out. I imagined something more symphonic, more powerfully orchestral in tone, befitting of this odd world in which the show takes place. Not the tame, radio-friendly ambiguities found here, that all allude to a hyper-melodramatic show and its themes I have virtually no interest in.

From what I’ve seen and read, if I were to have compiled this, I would have included some genuine goth to accompany it, some black metal, and faster, dark punk/deathrock, maybe some grimy crust-doom, some ambient-noise – – – that would be perhaps a more fitting homage. HOWEVER, I do understand it is a mainstream show so (regardless of the blood, breasts, and beasts), by nature, this producer-sponsored and released cash-in needs to retain a certain “mainstream-dom,” in fact it’s essentially locked into it. It’s an interesting idea, to be sure. Reminds me, for whatever reason, of the “MORTAL COMBAT” and “JUDGEMENT NIGHT” soundtracks – – – only this isn’t a soundtrack. Just songs based on the show, I believe.

I’d actually really like to see something along these lines done for AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Hopefully with some better (ie: to my personal liking) bands. THAT would be interesting.

While not the worst thing, it is centered around some things I just can’t get into, either in concept (the show/books) or musical genres. I would recommend this for the standard GAME OF THRONES viewer, perhaps, and fans of any of the acts included. If nothing else, it does force them slightly out of their standard comfort zones, and more into experimentation with their styles. But it will certainly not be to the taste of everyone, including myself. Before blindly buying, I have included the tracklist below. Also included is the 3 minute explanation/advertisement, of sorts, from HBO for this project.

HBO mini-doc on the CATCH THE THRONE project :



01 Method Man – The Oath

02 MNDR – Run for Cover

03 Ty Dolla $ign – Never Back Down

04 Killswitch Engage – Loyalty

05 Kap G – Surrender Now

06 Melanie Fiona – Fight Through It

07 Snoop Dogg – Lannister’s Anthem

08 Yandel – Marcando Territorio

09 Anthrax – Soror Irrumator

10 Estelle – Let Me Go

11 Talib Kweli – Lord Of The Light

12 Mastodon – White Walker

13 Raquel Sofia – Legends

14 Stalley – All Mine

15 Mushroomhead – Among The Crows

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