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KILLMAMA ‘SOFT COOKIES’ EP Review by Vincent Daemon

Soft Cookies cover art

KILLMAMA SOFT COOKIES Label: Self-Released Release Date: Out Now

Southern Florida’s KILLMAMA is a two piece-two gender unit that belts out some of the best, most brutally honest true blues-garage rock I’ve heard since the olden days of THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION and BOSS HOGG. This ep is fantastic, no exaggeration.

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Consisting of two multi-instrumentalists, former singer-songwriter *(and as dangerously cute as she is talented) SOPHIE SPUTNIK, who not only handles all vocal duties, but also apparently taught herself to play drums over a continuous three day period *(impressive, as I’ve been trying to learn for twenty years and still am too fukking uncoordinated to pick-up), and former punk-rock guitarist/also multi-instrumentalist ROB KINGSLEY. The talent between these two is astounding, especially coming from the lower reaches of Florida, many moons ago the birthplace of death metal, now home to roves of cannibalistic bath-salt zombies, alligators, and lunatics *(just kidding – – – kinda).

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However, all kidding aside, they capture the true essence and heart of their particular and unique style of blues-punk (there is a certain brutal rawness still present in KINGSLEY’S playing, in fact the to the band in general, and I swear I hear elements of a young PATTI SMITH in SOPHIE’S vocals), most passionately through the cigarettes-and-whiskey soaked, occasionally warm coo’s and sudden bellows straight from the gut of SOPHIE SPUTNIK. It’s the bummed smoke and shot after the fake phone number; of wanting to desperately go whilst being simultaneously a permanent fixture in your Twilight Zone world, wherein you feel forever stuck. It’s a voice of power and passion and desperation and confusion, all at one perpetually drunken moment. She’ll kick your sorry ass, stomp you out like that bummed smoke, lest you somehow bum your way into her heart. SOPHIE’S vocals are humid and dusky, her memories and lost loves forever haunting her dreams and waking moments, every morning beginning with a headache, a smoke, and an empty bottle beside the mattress on the floor.

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ROB KINGSLEY’S guitar work puts JACK WHITE’S to shame as far as I’m concerned *(I know there are those who will look for comparisons, but in my opinion this FAR outweighs that), his sounds coming from the male side of this double sided doubloon found on the beach of the ocean SOPHIE so hates, yet just can not escape from. The music itself contains the same brutal, post “intended one night stand but y’all went and fell in painful love” honesty as the vocals, the two coming together brilliantly *(take that statement as you will).

It’s a shame that SOFT COOKIES is a four song ep, because I was far from full by the time the plate was empty. Thankfully there were a couple tracks not on the ep that are streaming on their homepage. Close enough to a full fix, I suppose, but I can’t wait to hear more. They appeared on this past Friday’s ANDROIDVIRUS & SEAN radioshow/podcast, which unfortunately I had missed. However, it can still be heard. Also, KILLMAMA is currently on tour, I’ll post all info below. This is one of the many places rock needs to go to stay alive. KILLMAMA, CANCERSLUG, DOUBLE EYELID, VOMIT FIST, POUND OF FLESH — hopefully these bands will continue to reinvigorate the long dead and SOYLENT SHIT that’s been called “Rock-n-Roll” for far too many years now. Bands that don’t rehash classic genre’s and sounds, but instead build upon them, creating new and different approaches to the music at hand.

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SUPPORT THIS BAND. Go see them play, BUY the ep, it is absolutely amazing, and won’t kill your pocket, you cheap bastard.





                    TOUR DATES:

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