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AndroidVirus and Sean Show Episode #66 Special Guest Mandy Del Rio and More!

We return this week with news, humor, and a Special Guest!

We start off talking about AndroidVirus’ strange week, and the stuff that (sometimes literally) falls at his feet. We also do a small test to see wheather or not AndroidVirus & Sean are racist and or sexist.

We are then joined by Mandy Del Rio, host of The Indie Lounge! We discuss what got her into the business, influences, and some favorite movies. Mandy also discusses the Indie Lounge, a show that covers all forms of Independant entertainment, from movies, music and more!

You can check out The Indie Lounge at

and follow Mandy Del Rio on Twitter!

Back from the break and we are joined by Vincent Daemon, Mojoe and Sean’s brother Patrick as we discuss the trailers out this week, game of thrones, and Daredevil. We also talk about an album that both Vincent and Androidvirus haven’t seen in a long time, but still have the album cover for.

It was a fully jam packed edition, so check it out to get all the fun!

Listen to the episode here: Episode 66

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