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“We were running with the night, playing in the shadows, just you and I…till the morning light.”—Lionel Richie

Blood is indeed thicker than water.  There is nothing more sacred in our everyday lives than the relationship of a parent and child.  No matter how old that child is, they will always be seen as that angelic little boy or girl in their parent’s eyes.  Through the years, some relationships between parent and child become strained.  Sacrifices, humility, and unconditional love is what a parent outwardly displays for their child and these elements are explored in today’s feature, Run All Night (2015).

Former mob enforcer Jimmy “The Gravedigger” Conlon, Liam Neeson of Taken (2008), is a drunk haunted by all of the victims he had killed over the years.  Jimmy is now lonely, destitute, and estranged from his retired boxer turn limo driver son, Mike, Joel Kinnaman of RoboCop (2014).  Jimmy’s old crime boss and best friend, Shawn, Ed Harris of Knightriders (1981), hears out his son, Danny, Boyd Holbrook of Gone Girl (2014), with a proposal of going into business with shady Albanian heroin dealers.  Shawn becomes irate and admittedly refuses such nefarious activity with his son’s clients.  Danny, now in quite a pickle, received a large fee to arrange the deal with Shawn, and is threatened to return the money or face the consequences by the violent Albanian crew.

Later in the evening, an innocent Mike is chauffeuring the Albanian crew to Danny’s house to claim their money.  One thing leads to another, and Mike witnesses a shootout ending in murder.  Danny catches Mike watching the heinous act, a chase ensues resulting in Mike dropping his wallet.  On the run, Mike now needs help, and fast.  The guardian angel he now needs lies in that of his experienced father who is Mike’s only and last hope to survive the night full of mobsters, hitmen, cops on the take, and any other threat that the mean streets of New York City has to offer.

Run All Night is an exciting action crime flick directed by Jaume Collet-Serra of Orphan (2009), with a screenplay by Brad Ingelsby of Out of the Furnace (2013).  Run All Night is superbly shot with some innovative tricks and the overall mood is dark to complement the content and violent streets of NYC.  Run does have the feel of an old school gangster flick with some modern flair amped up in the action and some innovative editing.   Run was released to mixed reviews– critics thought it was a thin feature while most fans loved it, but it failed to break even with its steep $50 million dollar budget.

Run is very reminiscent of the crime drama period piece, Road to Perdition (2002), as it explores the aged old theme of sins of the father and the effects it has on the son.  Run is filled with lots of exciting shoot ‘em up action, car chases, and solid performances from supporting actors Bruce McGill of Animal House (1978), Common of Smokin’ Aces (2006), Vincent D’Onofrio of Full Metal Jacket (1987), and Nick Nolte of The Thin Red Line (1998).  Neeson and Harris are modern day acting legends that deliver great performances each and every time out of the gait, Run is no different.  You can really feel the love and tension the two share as the dangerous lives they chose to lead, tries to destroy their bond.

Run All Night is a must see for crime/action enthusiasts, Neeson fans, or if you are in the mood for a solid action film with a strong message about family ties and loyalty.   I leave you with what social commentator DaShanne Stokes shared with us, “Blood can help make family, but family often transcends blood.”


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