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The AndroidVirus and Sean Show #67 – It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Just when you thought you would have to do nefarious things to get a new fix, we return with a BRAND NEW EPISODE for your enjoyment!

We start off discussing the King of the Cage in Albuquerque with many of our FIT NHB family representing on the card!

AndroidVirus also discusses his weird nervousness he has at parent teacher confrences and meetings with authority, and even Baby Rae calls in to throw him under the bus! We also discuss the new images of the Joker from Suicide Squad. Chris Poulin the drummer of The Dramalamadingdongs joins us for the duration to give his take on our discussions along with being stuck on lock down in his house!

We school Chris on Art Bell with this famous Area 51 Call

Unfortunately due to some issues Charlie Williams was not able to make it on the show, but we are joined by Roberto Nater who is also fighting on King of the Cage. He discusses what got him into MMA, his family, along with being ready for his fight! Our trainer and also a member of FIT NHB, Joe Boxer joins us to discuss topics, along with his wife Amber “The Bully” Brown and Tim Means upcoming UFC 189 fight!

There is so much going on this episode it just flies by! But you gotta tune in to get it all!

Listen to the Episode Here: Episode 67

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